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Cam Wong Physio- YouTube Channel

Our very own Cam Wong has a very informative YouTube Channel about everything and anything to do with Physiotherapy!

Strength Through Motion's physiotherapist and clinic manager, Cameron Wong, has created a YouTube channel that gives patients, therapists, and the general public health tips and information about the modalities used in his practice. With demonstrations on actual people and genuine feedback, you can see if a certain treatment is right for you.

About Cam

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Cameron has always loved sport and health. He graduated with a Doctorate in Physiotherapy (DPT) from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2015, where manual therapy and exercise prescription are king in the field of physio.

Cameron brought his Australian training home has now been in practice for nearly 6 years and has loved every moment of it. His focus is in musculoskeletal related injuries with a keen interest in shoulder injuries (perhaps due to having dealt with his own for several years). He combines an approach of manual (hands-on) therapy, along with prescribed exercises and often applies dry needling.

If you want a personalized approach to rehabilitation, look no further.

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