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Does your clinic have COVID-19 guidelines?

Do I need to arrive early to fill out forms?

Yes we do! Check out our Covid-19 Guidelines

We send out COVID screenings and other forms via email but will let you know if you need to come in earlier to fill forms


How do I book an appointment?

What can I expect for my first treatment/follow-ing treatments?

You can book online or give us a call at 604-630-8815



If it is your first treatment, your practitioner will go through an initial assessment of your symptoms and complaints. Specific questions and tests will help determine a treatment plan to follow. Pain can sometimes be normal in early sessions depending on the severity of your symptoms. Your practitioner will discuss and address any questions and concerns and obtain consent from you before starting any type of treatment. If you are not comfortable with anything, you won't be forced to do it!


Do you do direct billing?

Can you bill to my friend's extended benefits?

We do for most major insurances and for most practices but you may need to check your insurance provider.


No, we cannot do this.


How do I find your clinic?

We are located inside of Richmond Sports and Fitness gym (RSF) at 150- 2215 No.5 Rd Richmond BC. There is free parking in the parking lot and street parking on either side of No.5 Rd.

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