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Physiotherapists are primary health care practitioners who are rigorously trained to assess and diagnose physical ailments of your body. This includes anything ranging from your typical muscle/joint soreness & injuries, to neurological impairments (i.e. strokes, traumatic brain injuries, disc bulges), and even cardiorespiratory issues (i.e. heart diseases, asthma, COPD).

Physiotherapists use evidence based medicine to help ensure you have the best treatment for your current condition. This typically involves a combination of hands-on manual therapy to address any muscle/ joint tightness and stiffness, as well as therapeutic exercise to help correct any impairments found. Occasionally, they will also use therapeutic modalities to aid you in your rehab (i.e. shockwave, needling, ultrasound).

Every person is unique, and thus every treatment is uniquely tailored to them. Here at Strength Through Motion, we pride ourselves in the one-on-one approach with your therapist. We believe that this way we can provide the best treatment, care, and attention to each person who comes through the doors.


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