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Active Rehabilitation

Through the use of exercise prescription performed in a clinical, gym, or home setting – our Active Rehabilitation program caters to the needs of each individual that is recovering from an injury.


In a one-on-one session, our Kinesiologists are focused solely on you. We provide you with exercises, stretches, and education for pain management for your specific injuries. Our goal is to help get you to your pre-injury form. Whether you are returning to work, sport, or daily activities, Strength Through Motion’s Active Rehabilitation program can help you take control of your recovery!

ICBC Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries (MVA)


Strength Through Motion helps deliver a custom exercise rehabilitation program that will help patients recover from their MVA injuries. We work closely with ICBC, doctors, lawyers and other health professionals to deliver valuable and efficient treatment.


Contact us to schedule a session or for more information.


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