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LeapBodies Grand Opening

"Our Community is stronger when we work together"

We had the honour of setting up a pop-up clinic at the Grand Opening of Chewy and Rowena's speakeasy fitness studio located in Richmond Sports and Fitness (our home too!).


Power couple, Chewy and Rowena had both been in the fitness industry long before meeting each other and before LeapBodies was founded. Both had become accustomed to different, but effective styles of training. Together, this dynamic duo put their hearts into training their clients and creating group classes that are full of energy! They are also Lululemon Ambassadors!

They also work hand in hand with MYOMVMT led by another power couple, Pirabu and Kuleba.

Visit their website at

Instagram: @leapbodies @coach.chew @bodybyrow @myomvmt

It's amazing to be a part of our RSF/Richmond Community. We've collaborated with LeapBodies on a few events, as well as continuing to refer clients with one another to better everyone's overall health. We had an amazing time assessing and doing mini treatments for their guests in this beautiful space. Looking forward to more collaborations! Congratulations!

Looking for a Community Collaboration?

We're always looking for ways to help our community during their events. If you have an event coming up and would like us to partake please email or email our Community and Projects Manager Jeremy at .

All photos courtesy of Sophie Phan @sophiephann

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