Our team at Strength Through Motion cares about the safety and wellbeing of all our patients and staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To help us efficiently help you and maintain a safe environment for everyone involved, please use this information guide to assist yourself in what to expect before, during, and after your appointment.

We've made the following changes to our procedure, please read below:

•    We request to have your credit card on file and will process payment online to minimize contact. We currently do not accept cash payments.

•    Please bring and wear a mask when you are on the premises. Practitioners will be wearing masks at all times, including gloves which will be discarded after each appointment.

•    Patient admission only. Individuals accompanying the scheduled patient will be asked to wait outside. Exceptions may be made for minors, translators, and caregivers.

•    Rescheduling due to illness. If you are sick, rescheduling appointments will be accepted without charge.

•    We have re-arranged our practitioner schedules, as well as time between appointments, to ensure minimal contact with other patients and practitioners, and to allow enough time for cleaning between patients.

Prior to Treatment

•    Fill out intake forms. Please fill out all intake forms sent to you upon booking your appointment including the COVID Screening questionnaire and consent forms.

•    Use discretion with regard to washroom usage before your arrival. To further reduce transmission, our washroom facilities are currently off-limits unless it is an absolute emergency.

•    Wear a mask. You will be asked to remove your mask for the practitioner to verify your identity at our entry window.

•    Wait inside your vehicle. Our waiting area will be closed, please call us at 604-630-8815 to let us know you have arrived.

•    Sanitize effectively. Hand sanitizer will be provided onsite for patients to use on all areas of hands and wrists before moving into the treatment room.

•    Bring ID. Please ensure you bring appropriate pieces of ID to be displayed at our office window for the practitioner to verify before escorting you in.

•    Limit personal items. Please limit the number personal items you bring into the clinic to a bare minimum.

During Treatment

•    Practice social distancing. Where possible, practitioner and patient should do their best to incorporate social distancing during treatment.

•    Refrain from touching your face. Please try not to touch your face during your appointments. If absolutely necessary, please sanitize again.

•    Anticipate coughing or sneezing. If possible, please alert your practitioner if you are about to cough or sneeze and direct it into a tissue or your sleeves. Tissues will be provided, and you will then be asked to sanitize again.

•    Reduce face-to-face interaction. Please direct your face away from the practitioners even when speaking.

After Treatment

•    Feel free to sanitize again. You are welcome to re-sanitize to ensure your own safety and of those accompanying you.

•    Exit clinic as instructed. You will be escorted out of the facility by the practitioner through a different entrance than the initial entrance to go inside.