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Marco Wan



Marco completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree at Simon Fraser University in 2018 and subsequently moved to Australia to pursue a Master of Physiotherapy degree from the University of Sydney. After graduation, he gained valuable work experience in a musculoskeletal multidisciplinary clinic before returning home to Vancouver.

He has been involved with rehab for nearly a decade now, having worked as a kinesiologist, personal trainer, and sports trainer. His interest and passion for physiotherapy stemmed from having sustained multiple sporting injuries growing up, including rupturing both ACLs and undergoing knee reconstructive surgeries. He has experienced first-hand how debilitating an injury can be and understands the importance of injury management, rehabilitation, and prevention.

He follows a holistic approach to treatment which involves extensive subjective history taking, a detailed physical examination, and most importantly, having collaborative discussions with the patient about their own concerns and goals. He strongly believes that each patient is different and treatment should be individualised with the client’s goals as a priority. Marco utilises manual therapy to aid with pain management and joint dysfunctions along with exercise therapy to target strength deficiencies and irregular motor patterns. Marco thoroughly enjoys listening to all of his patients’ stories and working closely with them to help them achieve their goals and live to their utmost potential. Marco is fluent in English and Cantonese.

During his free time, you’ll find Marco playing basketball, weight training, hiking, snowboarding and trying to find the best food spots around Vancouver!

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