Registered Therapeutic Counsellors are dedicated to providing the highest standard of competent professional assessing, counselling, consulting, and training services.

Perhaps you find yourself surrounded by people, and yet still feeling disconnected from others and maybe even yourself. Do you find yourself trying to make up for that feeling in different ways? Maybe by making yourself small and unseen, or making sure you get recognized by dropping everything for others. It may even help you feel connected for a while. But this ultimately comes at your own expense of time, energy or even money. While it may look like you have it all together on the outside, something inside is missing and you know life could feel more fulfilling or meaningful. Sometimes we look outward for so long, we forget to see what is going on for us inside ourselves. I work to create a safe space for you to bring the focus back to you, see what is holding you back and where you want to move forward.

Areas of focus:
Youth (16+), young adults, adults
People pleasing
Self esteem/ Self worth
Connection to self and others
Somatic or body-focused